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Mova Nanova – Belarusian language course

Mova Nanova / Language Anew – Belarusian language course that opened in Minsk on January 13, 2014 at the Gallery “Ў”. Besides Minsk, the course is conducted in Baranavičy, Hrodna, Babrujsk and Niasviž. Abroad, the course is opened in Kraków.

In Minsk, Mova Nanova is taught by a philologist Alesia Litvinoŭskaja and a journalist Gleb Labadzenka and attended by various Belarusian speaking people and guests. Among them are doctors, computer programmers, architects, singers, writers, actors.

The course presents an informal non-academic language learning. Each session has a theme (Fashion, Medicine, Relatives etc.) and subsections  dictionary, grammar, interesting facts and others.

There is an online version of the course at http://www.movananova.by/

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In Minsk, the course takes place every Monday from 19:00 to 21:00 at the “Gallery of Contemporary Art ‘Ў’.”On average, Mova Nanova is visited by 240 people  this is the most massive Belarusian language course in the world. Teamwork is an important factor in organization of Mova Nanova. Because the course is free, most of the work is done by volunteers. Students are engaged in website programming, video projections and sound amplification. In addition, the course is supported by people: the microphones, a large 15 liter coffee pot and chairs were obtained through such assistance. Mova Nanova is often attended by famous people who speak Belarusian. Students themselves also share their stories how they came to realize the importance of the Belarusian language.




On February 21, the Day of Belarusian language, Alesia Litvinoŭskaja and Gleb Labadzenka passed the relay of the language course to their counterparts in Babrujsk.

In this largest regional center of Belarus Mova Nanova will be conducted by a philologist Volha Rudaja and a journalist Alesia Lacinskaja. The course will be held on Fridays at 18:00 at the address: 33/1 Kastryčnickaja Street. The first meeting was held by the founders of Minsk Mova Nanova Alesia Litvinoŭskaja and Gleb Labadzenka. There were 20 students in attendance. The conversations were about Belarusian greetings and ancestral forms of Belarusian names; the students completed famous sayings and proverbs, read articles of the early twentieth century “Naša Niva” and the dictionary “Svajaki” was presented to the audience.

The event was held with the support of “Budzma Belarusami”. The participants received prizes from “Budzma” as well as the books from the Union of Belarusian Writers.




More than a hundred people came to the presentation of the course Mova Nanova on March 14, that was organized by the members of the NGO “Center “Third Sector “. Fifteen minutes before the meeting, it became clear that the location was too small to accommodate everyone. The organizers had to urgently seek a larger facility and move the beginning of the meeting to half an hour later. There were people of all ages: students from the“University of Golden Age”, youth and middle-aged people. Many of them had never been seen at any public events before. The presentation was held by the founders of the Mova Nanova  Gleb Labadzenka and Alesia Litvinoŭskaja. Alesia’s confession of being a granddaughter of Apanas Tsihun impressed the majority of the participants. Gleb’s jokes immediately warmed up the rest of the audience. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, established within the first minutes, reigned throughout the two hours of the meeting.

The guests from Minsk introduced the concept of the course and demonstrated examples of separate classes. Then there was an exercise in which the participants in groups had to complete Belarusian sayings like “What grandpa likes … “, “Any fool knows … “. At the end of the meeting, the audience was introduced to the instructors of the Hrodna courses Mova Nanova Volha Astroŭskaja and Ihar Kuzminič .




On Saturday, March 15, Mova Nanova was launched in Baranavičy. The course will be held at the premises of the public ecological organization “Neruš” (12 Paŭłava Street). Baranavičy course was initiated and will be conducted by Julija Tracciak. The first meeting was held by the instructors of Minsk Mova Nanova Alesia Litvinoŭskaja and Gleb Labadzenka. There were 30 participants. The course was supported by the public campaign “Budzma Belarusami!“



The information is taken from the sites below. All course materials, pictures and video reports can be found at http://www.movananova.by



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